• For what kind of students?

The learning programs are for all ages from elementary school students to working people, but because of requiring the high self-study ability, the target for self-study is middle school students and above. If you are a primary school student, you should have your parents tutor, guide and study with you.

  • Feature Introduction


  • How to register

Step 1: Parents, students and community students fill in “Information” and click “Register for the course” then will receive a response email from the Academic Department instructing to continue the “checking the entrance level” process.

Step 2: You take the entrance test.

We have 2 ways to register for the entrance, the first way is that you can choose your own level based on your previous English study or second you can take the Test through the Learning Management system or Mobile Application (Mobile App)

Step 3: After the Academic Department has grasped your level, the Academic Department will provide you with an Account to log in to the right level.

  • How to use

In order to help students’ Parents, center students and community students be convenient in the learning process, our organization has designed both computer and mobile interfaces for students to use. Use your Learning Materials and do your homework through both our Learning Management Website and our Mobile App. Both of these interfaces are linked on all devices with the same account.

This means that when Parents, students, community students and Teachers already have had an personal Account, only one account can be used to study, do homework, track learning progress, learning results on both Website and mobile phones. All are synchronized.

+ How to use the system of learning materials on a computer (can be used on desktop computers, laptops and tablets) via the Learning Management Website.

Watch Video Tutorials (3 languages Korean-Vietnamese-English)


+ How to use the learning materials system on mobile devices (phones, tablets) via MOBILE APP.

Watch Video Tutorials (3 languages)


  • Learning Path

In order to achieve the best Learning Outcomes for each student, we teach a full range of levels and students will gradually learn the appropriate curriculum from the level they have registered for entrance to the advanced level.

Each week, students will be able to participate in 3 lessons/week, each session includes 2 small lessons through video tutorials and practice exercises. At the beginning of the Project, students will learn mainly through a system of multiple-choice exercises and listening practice along with some video lectures. The Center will try to update gradually to cover the volume of lectures for the community gradually.


  • Commitment to your own learning

With the concept of “Truly Teaching – Real Learning – Real Results”, we have maintained this educational philosophy for more than 10 years and Good and Excellent results are not only in grades in High School or International English Certificate Program, but also good Listening and Speaking skills of many generations of students studying at the Center is the clearest proof of the dedicated training efforts, maintaining the position and role of Teachers in society.

So even though this is a Community Project, we still have binding requirements on the students’ “mindfulness” and “consciousness”.

+ On the one hand, we ask the community students to try to maintain the learning progress, for example, the Class Schedule is 7.30-9.30 pm Monday-Tuesday-Thursday, you should log in on time to study and do your homework. Although it is possible to study after this time, if students are stuck with other work schedules, they still have to try to complete the lesson, no later than one day.

+ On the other hand, we have an automatic learning reminder system sent to your phone 3 days before the submission deadline.

We make best efforts to maintain your learning in the most persistent, most encouraging way so that in the near future you will truly gain new achievements, new steps on your own path of education and career.

Because of the love for generations of students, we always give the best encouragement to students who have the opportunity to study directly at the Center and community students through our academic reward policies. You can learn more here “Center’s Policy”

Wishing you gain all new achievements and new steps in your education and future career. KEEP UP THE FIRE OF LOVE WITH HUMANITY’S ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE.


                                      Best Regards,

Founders of Phuoc Tue English Center & JWSA Foundation