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Since the early 2010s, Mr. Jung Woo Sung has begun to pay attention to deep social problems. Therefore, in June 2015,he was officially appointed as the first Goodwill Ambassador of the South Korean High Commissioner for Refugees.

UNHCR is an organization under the General Assembly of the United Nations and the United Nations Economic & Social Council.

These are 2 organizations representing initiatives and advancements on human rights and peace; promote economic, social, cultural and educational programs around the world.

Meanwhile, UNHCR was born with the specific purpose of commanding and coordinating international activities to protect refugees, solve and address refugee issues around the world.

UNHCR has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize twice: 1954 and 1981. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassadors (UNHCR) are famous figures representing the UNHCR and use their talents and reputation to support refugees.

Refugees are one of the deeply humanistic issues around the globe besides hot and urgent issues such as the last Covids 19 pandemic, World peace conflict, environment, climate change and information technology innovation,…

From 2014 up to now, Mr. Jung Woo Sung has visited many refugee accommodation organizations in the world from Nepal, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, Djibouti to Malayisa…. felt and shared with a lot of people and traumatic circumstances… understanding the fragmentation, wandering…not knowing where home is, and where the pitiful refugees are from… On World Refugee Day 2019, Mr. Jung Woo Sung’s memoir “If You Can See What I Have” was published.

The book reflects Mr. Jung Woo Sung’s journey and feelings towards the refugees over the past 7 years, since 2014… All proceeds from the sale of his books are transferred to UNHCR for further customary support for refugees.

In addition to the spiritual and material support for the refugees, in 2019, He also joined hands with famous Korean artists to donate hundreds of million won when the Covids 19 pandemic spreads in Korea. With the desire to contribute to a better society, he used to share in a seminar on Global Issues on KBS National Television “If I have the ability, I wish everyone would be better together…” I hope to contribute to sharing good values ​​for the community and society through our educational and volunteer projects. I really hope our hearts spread more and more love to all of you…..

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