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[포토] 남우주연상 정우성, 청룡 트로피 꼭 쥐고!


With 27 years of experience in the Arts industry, Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung has devoted to the Korean Arts in particular and the world’s arts in general many highly humane film and television works, with all genres from drama, family love, history, martial arts to film genres that require high artistic difficulty level and suitable role-playing such as action, politics,…

  • Actor Role

That artistic journey has brought Ambassador Jung Woo Sung a treasure of prestigious awards…. from the early years of his career, when he was 22 years old, he won the Best New Actor award (SBS TV Film Awards – 1995) and Best New Actor (Baeksang Arts Awards – 1996) in the drama Ashalt Man. Then, for his role as a high school student in Beat (1996), he went on winning the Best New Actor award at the 17th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. And next, it is a series of prestigious awards in both television series and movies such as the Popular Star Award – Blue Dragon Film Awards (1999) with the movie Phantom -The Submarine; Popular Star Award – Blue Dragon Film Awards (2001) for the movie Musa…..and many awards nominated and won…to Best Actor – Chunsa Film Art Awards (2018) with the movie Steel Rain.

And most recently, the movie Innocent Witness (2019)….tells about the negative sides that have been remained in society…..It’s the situation of school bullying that still happens every day…. sometimes those are words uttered glacially and heartlessly…..of people who are called “adults” but their hearts “haven’t grown up”…..those are the unrepentant of unscrupulous business people who make money on the loss of others. Those are the images of honest people who are always pushed to the dead end… the edge by poverty…..Those are the inner torments of people who do society’s noble professions…..of a lawyer who holds the balance of justice but is always torn between work ethic and the burden of life with “rice and money”…..

With deep acting and always creative in every scene, veteran actor Jung Woo Sung has excellently performed the role of a poor lawyer…..but fully emotional and warm heart…..who always believes in justice, in honesty…..believe in the good cause and effect of human love…..and is willing to sacrifice for justice, contributing to the creation of a better society…as Ambassador Jung Woo Sung’s simple and warm way of life in his daily life…..

Innocent Witness – a deeply social film – has once again brought Ambassador Jung Woo Sung a series of prestigious Awards: from Best Actor – the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards; Grand Prize – the 6th Korean Film Producers Association Awards, the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards… the Grand Prize at the 39th Golden Film Festival.

  • Film Director Role

During the journey of acting seriously…constantly creating and developing, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung not only stops at the role of an actor, he has been actively contribute his talent as a Film Director since 2000, the highlight of which is the short film The Killer Behind the Old Man – a variety film authorized by the Hong Kong International Film Festival – praised by film critics as “Jung’s work is the most powerful and stylish.” With this artwork, director Jung Woo Sung was invited to present The Killer Behind the Old Man at the 9th London Korean Film Festival in November 2014. At this Film Festival, director Jung Woo Sung also participated in 2 more famous movie works by him as the blockbuster work Musa and A Moment to remember.

  • Film Producer Role

In 2015, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung continued to expand this 7th art field as a Producer with the work “Don’t forget me” (2015) and as a executive Producer (executive production, art direction) with the work “The slient Sea” (2021).

  • Film festival jury member

With talent, experience, depth in acting and vision in the field of Arts for many years, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung is also a member of the Jury at many international film festivals such as:

+ The 17th Busan International Film Festival, Korea (2012)

+ 14th Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea (2013)

+ 20th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea( 2014)

+ SSFF & Asia (Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia), Japan (2015)

+ International Film Festival and Awards, Macao (2016)

  • Investors & Business Owners

Although having experienced most of the roles in the field of Art, with the desire to help young actors and create favourable conditions for young talents to develop their artistic path more smoothly, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung and his best friend, longtime partner, actor Lee Jung-Jae, continued to grow stronger as the leaders’ role and continued to dedicate themselves to the Arts through the establishment of the Artist Company, as well as co-owned and co-invested in many businesses in various fields of education, music therapy, publishing, etc.

  • UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador

And what we cherish and respect for him the most is his compassion, deep sympathy, a heart with full of love for humanity….. when he knows how to spread his love, expand his heart to the unfortunate ones in this life…to the most vulnerable situations…to the poor, lovely and precious Refugees…..On June 17th 2015, he officially became the first UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador of Korea.

From 2014 up to now, Mr. Jung Woo Sung has visited many refugee accommodation organizations in the world from Nepal, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, Djibouti to Malayisa….felt and shared with a lot of people and traumatic circumstances…understanding the fragmentation, wandering…not knowing where home is, and where the pitiful refugees are from…

  • Writer

On World Refugee Day 2019, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung‘s memoir “If You Can See What I Saw” was published. The book reflects Ambassador Jung Woo Sung‘s journey and feelings towards the refugees over the past 7 years, since 2014…All proceeds from the sale of his books are transferred to UNHCR for further customary support for refugees.

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         “List of movies, TV shows and prestigious Awards in the Art career of Ambassador Jung Woo Sung” (Wikipedia – in English) 

During a long journey of dedicating to the Arts, the community and society in many roles, Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung was also proud of being honored as Korea’s TOP 40 Most Powerful Celebrities of 2015, 2017 and 2018 by the world famous and prestigious magazine – Forbes Magazine.

         Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 is an annual list published by Forbes Korea magazine since 2009. It is a catalog of the top 40 most powerful celebrities in South Korea where personalities from sports, music, arts, film and television are ranked according to their professional achievements, media exposure, social media popularity, TV appearances and earnings from the past year.

We wish our Founder – Ambassador Jung Woo Sung will continue to shine in all roles and spread more and more widely his love to the community and spread his noble mission stronger and stronger…..


Please allow me to call the famous veteran Producer – Writer – Actor Jung Woo Sung as Ambassador Jung Woo Sung in most of the articles on our website as well as the official media channels of JWSA Education & Charity Foundation because for me “Ambassador” is the calling that I love most…I respect…and I am always proud of for his philanthropic heart – Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung’s.


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