The Journey of passing Time and Space of Ambassador Jung Woo Sung

The Journey of passing Time and Space of Ambassador Jung Woo Sung

Today we continue to share the Journey of passing Time and Space with meaningful, inspirational, future-lighting journeys with all of you. And the brightest fire, the most burning torch is always Goodwill Ambassador – Mr Jung Woo Sung. He is always a great inspiration not only for the young generation of Vietnam – Korea but we also look forward to the near future, Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung and his Charity and Education Project for the Community will spread this inspiration and our great love to all parts of the world.

“We cannot live twice for the same life, nor can anyone bathe twice in the same river”

(the famous saying of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus)

So “Always be steady and happy in this arduous but great journey.”

And “Let’s live fully each day… that tomorrow you won’t have to regret for today.”

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                 Appreciate and cherish all of you

                           All for a better future

                                    Article author

             CO-FOUNDER of JWSA Foundation  

                    CEO-Teacher – Ms. DIEU ANH


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