Contributions to the community & society by UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung

Contributions to the community & society by UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung

From 2014 up to now, Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung has visited many refugee accommodation organizations in the world from Nepal, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, Djibouti to Malayisa….felt and shared with a lot of people and traumatic circumstances…understanding the fragmentation, wandering…not knowing where home is, and where the pitiful refugees are from…

Throughout the years, Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung has consistently made donations to help refugees and has met displaced citizens from many countries all over the world with the desire to be able to share their difficulties and spread humane values deeper and wider…

In August 2018, Ambassador Jung Woo Sung also donated to the Rohingya people of Myanmar, who evacuated the country due to dangerous conditions, and sponsored medical bills for these refugees.

In addition to making practical contributions to the Refugee community, he also joined hands with famous Korean artists to donate hundreds of million won when the Covids 19 pandemic spreads in Korea. He also regularly pays attention to social issues and shares with the homeland community and the international community. He donated 50 million won to the victims of the historic fire in Korea.And recently, last September 8th, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Woo-Sung Jung donated 100 million won to Afghanistan for emergency relief in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Jung Woo-sung said “I hope that it will be a small contribution to not only the many Afghans who have lost their homes and are living in a dark time due to the recent incident, but also to the UN Refugee Agency, which is working for all Refugees”

With the desire to contribute to a better society,  he used to share in a seminar on Global Issues on KBS National Television “If I have the ability, I wish everyone would be better together…”




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