Young Generation – Desire for the future – Love and Faith in all of our hearts

Young Generation – Desire for the future – Love and Faith in all of our hearts

Throughout many years…in addition to Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung’s practical contributions to the Refugee community, UNHCR global and UNHCR Korea, and donations to support hundreds of millions of won for the Korean homeland when the Covid-19 pandemic spread…for the victims of the historic fire in Korea; as well as share pain with the people of Afghanistan who have been facing threats such as violence and terrorism; Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo Sung is also very interested in the young generation…..wants to share his compassionate feelings about life… well as the precious life experience in the process of his career development and unforgettable experiences through visits to Refugees in several countries around the world.

Those are the living capitals that Ambassador Jung Woo Sung and I personally feel need to spread to the younger generation…..All of us need to open our heart to each other more to feel the precious happiness in this life more clearly… that the life of each of us will always be a journey of cherishing each other with full of meaning and emotions…..

Although in that journey, young people may stumble…perhaps there will be times when it seems like they will fall…but we hope you will always be confident, always hold your head high and confidently move forward..… because each time we fall is a time we will be given more strength to be more stable, more mature and more open to receive more happiness in the horizon ahead…


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May you all always stay strong.

Sincerely Love to all of you,

Founders of Phuoc Tue English Center & JWSA Foundation



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